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School of Hotel Administration

From Dean Johnson: Mid-year update

From Dean Johnson: Mid-year update

The year has been going extremely well for our school, and I would like to update you on several developments that will further enhance the educational experience that we are able to offer our students.

We have given a great deal of attention this year to two especially important initiatives designed to expand the global scope of our educational efforts: dual-degree program partnerships and online learning.

The first of these has been a drive to identify universities around the world with strong MBA programs and reach out to them to establish dual MMH/MBA programs. In time, we hope to establish several programs that offer students based here and at a partner institution the opportunity to spend one year studying for an MMH degree at Cornell and another year studying abroad for an MBA.

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Our Vision

As the first and best training ground for future leaders of the hospitality industry, the School of Hotel Administration has been driving the world’s largest industry forward for nearly 100 years. Through Cornell’s sesquicentennial and beyond, we are committed to maintaining our position at the top.

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Our Goals & Plan

SHA has set clear goals to achieve our vision of continued excellence. The plan includes expanding academic opportunities and maintaining careful stewardship of SHA resources.

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SHA Annual Fund

No gift benefits the School of Hotel Administration as broadly as one made to the Annual Fund. Meeting the current, daily needs of the school, the fund helps us send students to industry conferences, recruit renowned faculty who are trained in research, and provide those faculty with the resources they need to conduct studies and turn out findings that are critical to the hospitality industry. In 2012-13, more than 1,100 individuals made Annual-Fund gifts, for a total of $1.6 million in current-use cash. This amount, which is greater than the yearly payout from a $40 million endowment, is a remarkable example of the cumulative power of even modest annual giving.

Hotel alumni are renowned as loyal alumni. By making a yearly gift, you can demonstrate that we have the highest level of alumni satisfaction and pride. Each year, requests are made of every alumnus/a of the university to support the Cornell Fund. As a Hotelie, we encourage you to designate your annual fund gift to SHA. No gift is too small!

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Our school’s focused efforts to develop and expand the faculty have resulted in the renewal of 43 percent of our faculty since 2006. Fifteen of our 40 professorial faculty members—38 percent—have been recruited since then, as have 11 of our 21 lecturers—a renewal of 52 percent. This very selective recruiting push has been carried out in anticipation of the retirement of a significant number of senior faculty members, a trend that has already begun in SHA and across Cornell.

Contact Meg Keilbach '88, assistant dean for alumni affairs & development, to learn more or make a gift.

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Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships help us maintain our policies of need-blind admissions and need-based financial aid, making it possible to admit students solely on the basis of their potential to succeed. These policies ensure that we have a student body that is intelligent, culturally and socioeconomically diverse, leadership-oriented, entrepreneurial, and—most importantly—passionate about the hospitality industry.

Contact Meg Keilbach '88, assistant dean for alumni affairs & development, to learn more or make a gift.

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Program Support

SHA maintains its reputation as the world’s premier hospitality management program though the quality of its academic programs. A gift in support of Hotel Ezra Cornell, the Hotel Leadership Development Program, the Master of Management in Hospitality program, or another of the school’s signature programs helps ensure that SHA continues to offer a one-of-a-kind academic experience.

Contact Meg Keilbach '88, assistant dean for alumni affairs & development, to learn more or make a gift.

Centers & Institutes

The school’s four outward-facing enterprises produce cutting-edge knowledge through research and outreach to the industry:

  • Center for Hospitality Research
  • Center for Real Estate and Finance
  • Cornell Institute for Hospitality Labor and Employment Relations
  • Leland C. and Mary M. Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship

Contact Meg Keilbach '88, assistant dean for alumni affairs & development, to learn more or make a gift.

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To ensure that Statler Hall and the Statler Hotel continue to serve as state-of-the-art facilities for the teaching of a world class hospitality education, we constantly seek opportunities to renovate, restore, and upgrade our spaces for teaching and learning. Recent projects include the Marriott Student Learning Center.

Contact Meg Keilbach '88, assistant dean for alumni affairs & development, to learn more or make a gift.

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Faculty in the Media

Professor Rohit Verma found that hotels with various levels of sustainable certification are more resource-efficient and …
"It's about money," said Stephani Robson, senior lecturer. After the recession it became even harder for restaurants to …
These programs “increase the social pressure to tip, and that should probably cause more people to tip,” says professor …
"Airbnb is not a lodging brand," says senior lecturer Bill Carroll. "It's a virtual marketplace, like eBay. It's always …
According to research by Prof. Mike Lynn, customers tend to tip less in states where the tipped minimum wage is higher.
Depending on the industry, female-owned businesses have a greater chance of long-term success, suggests a study …
"Several of the brands are trying to anticipate the future and are putting in a lot of time, resources and energy," says …
Robert Kwortnik, assoc. prof., services marketing, explains why cruise lines are not to blame for outbreaks on board.
"Hotels own a physical asset 365 days a year," said Bill Carroll, senior lecturer, services marketing, "and they need to …
“We are very encouraged by Moody’s outlook for the national economy in 2014,” stated Jack Corgel, the Robert C. Baker …
Steve Carvell, associate dean for academic affairs, was cited in an AP report on the economics of the hotel industry.
The New York Times turned to Stephani Robson, senior lecturer, for insight into the evolution of hotel bathrooms.
"Women are more influenced by their surroundings, and therefore, the ways in which hotels can accommodate them become …
Going green may be a hot trend in hospitality, but green hotels do not have an advantage when it comes to attracting guests.
Is online betting entertainment or a fraud? Your opinion likely depends on whether you label it “gambling” or “gaming.”
"You have to earn your stripes in the social media world, baby, or you’re done for," said Bill Carroll, senior lecturer, …
"The Heavenly bed changed the way that other hotels looked at innovation," said Stephani Robson, senior lecturer, …
Michael Lynn, the Burton M. Sack '61 Professor in Food and Beverage Management, explains the history of tipping and why we …
Bill Carroll, senior lecturer in services marketing, argues that going private gave Hilton a chance to grow and become …
Despite several high-profile restaurants that have done away with tipping, "I think it's very difficult to eliminate," …
Steve Carvell, associate dean for academic affairs, says younger guests "very much want that sense of not feeling alone, …
High-end hotels are unveiling fresh or refurbished super-suites that are huge, decadent and can cost tens of thousands of …
"In some ways this settlement is unprecedented not just in its amount," said David Sherwyn, the John and Melissa Ceriale …
On-site testing of new ideas is happening on a hotel-by-hotel basis, said Steven A. Carvell, associate dean for academic …
David Sherwyn, the John and Melissa Ceriale Professor of Hospitality Human Resources, said the agreement is a good deal …

SHA highlights

Faculty examine successes and challenges of SHA alumnae and other female hospitality executives.
A new study reports that advertising can result in “smart” false memories. That is, consumers who have a propensity to …
Business Insider featured Sean as one of "19 Incredibly Impressive Students At Cornell."
A student team that devised a plan to sell certain public tweets to Google and Microsoft has won first prize in the …
"Passion" ... "vision" ... "service" ... no one word encompasses the entirety of HEC.
Sandy Solmon, founder, president, and CEO of Sweet Street Desserts will receive the award at the sixth annual Cornell …
The Statler Hotel will receive the Good Earthkeeping Award from the New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association.
An article that shows the value of fun in the restaurant workplace has been named the article of the year for the Cornell …
The Cornell Hospitality Research Summit 2014 has opened its search for forward-looking presentations on the future of …
French pastries in Japan; medical tourism to Istanbul; and hotel employee training in Sri Lanka are among the concepts …
Rob '84 and Denise Kline funded this learning center where students will build greater literacy in financial and capital …
Since March, the Statler Hotel has recycled 2,518 tiny bars of used soap through its partnership with Clean the World.
Hotel executives, labor and union leaders, and Cornell faculty came together to discuss the future of labor relations in …
SHA and Nanyang Technological University have created Asia’s first hospitality management program for senior industry …
Lost and left-behind items can be an expensive problem for hotels. Students behind "The Giving Bag" have a solution.
Fourteen teams will compete in the fifth annual Cornell International Real Estate Case Competition, Nov. 14.
Meet eight Hotelie entrepreneurs who make humanity their business.
The 2013 Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series will feature leading hospitality executives throughout the fall semester.
SHA has launched a new institute dedicated to understanding and improving labor and employment relations in the …

Tuition rates and fees

The total cost of attending Cornell includes tuition, student fees, and expenses for housing and dining, books, supplies, and personal items. Tuition varies, depending on which Cornell school or college a student enrolls in and whether he/she is a New York State resident.

Click here to see the breakdown of costs here.

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Cornell Giving Societies

Cornell’s nine giving societies celebrate Cornell’s most loyal and generous supporters. Become a member today by making a gift to Cornell.

  • Chairman’s Circle- $100,000 and above
  • President’s Circle- $25,000-$99,999
  • Dean’s Circle- $10,000-$24,999
  • Tower Club- $5,000-$9,999 or $2,500-$9,999 for alumni 0-10 years post-graduation
  • Quadrangle Club- $1,000-$4,999
  • Charter Society- $500-$999
  • Ivy Society- $250-$499 for alumni 0-10 years post-graduation

Class of 2017 profile

  • 50% female, 50% male
  • 15% are international, with students representing Australia, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, France, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States
  • 27% of domestic students identify as being non-majority
  • 88% worked in the hospitality industry before enrolling

What do our graduates do?

These statistics are based on the Class of 2012 Post-Graduate Survey:

  • 94% reporting job acceptance
  • 1% continuing education
  • 5% seeking employment
  • Mean Base Salary: $51,591
  • Median Base Salary: $50,000
  • Range of Base Salary: $20,800-$120,000

Employment by Job Function (Top 4):

  • Real Estate/Consulting-19%
  • Hotel/Resort Property-14%
  • Banking/Financial Services-11%
  • Restaurant - Property/Corporate-7%

How many SHA alumni are there?

SHA alumni

Total alumni: 22,991

Total living alumni: 15,109

Total mailable living alumni: 12,043

School of Hotel Administration Contacts

Communications Development

Ashlee McGandy

Staff Writer



Meg Keilbach '88

Assistant Dean of Alumni Affairs & Development