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Cayuga's Watchers Lauded by Smithers Institute

Changing Cornell's Drinking Norm, One Peer at a Time

Cayuga's Watchers, an organization that trains and employs students to help curb high-risk drinking at Cornell, has received the Trice Award from the ILR's R. Brinkley Smithers Institute for Alcohol-Related Workplace Studies.

The award, received by the student-run nonprofit founded in 2012, is named for the late Harrison Trice, an ILR professor who spent much of his career researching and writing about substance use in the workplace. He taught at ILR from 1955 to 1990.

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The ILR Mission

The ILR School is advancing the world of work through teaching, research and outreach. ILR’s mission is to prepare workplace leaders, inform policy, and improve working lives.

Message from the Dean

A Message from ILR Dean Harry Katz


Faculty, Students, Global Impact

Research by Williams on workplace sensitivity finds males integral to dynamic
Rachel Harmon '15 will pursue social justice interests at Oxford University
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Scheinman Institute expertise will be shared in Vietnam through Fulbright Award
Professor passionate about academic freedom helps lead national group
Manfred '80 credited for helping pro baseball management advance
ILR is in the house as union intern for film and TV workers
Collective bargaining did its job in railroad dispute, Margolies says
Friedman's research manifests in "Insurgency Trap"
ILR holding international debate camp to further student skills
Dyer serving as interim director for Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies
Weinstock '75 named to emergency panel
Mock Trial Team season includes All-American honors
Help of families, friends and inspiring teachers recognized
More courses for more students offered through new hires in Economics
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DeVault article named best on U.S. topic by Labor History journal
Undergraduates in Economics connecting with faculty, other students
ILR graduate mediates contract, helps set pattern for other unions
India to Ecuador and back to India, two taking project beyond graduation
Professor's support helped student come out as a gay athlete
Boost worker trust with new approach to employee crying: research
ILR research tracking implications of telecommuting
Abada ’14 and Noel ’14 selected for state Chancellor’s Award
Huang ’14 will work in international labor law in Asia
Alpern winner Yang ’74 is a passionate advocate for people with disabilities
White MPS '10 matches talent and startups
"I owe so much to the school," says 2014 Groat Award winner
Worker Institute fellowships awarded to 18

Programs, Centers and Institutes

Employer practices encourage employee disability disclosure, study finds
Alcohol's impact in retirement detailed through Smithers Institute research
Donahue of Worker Institute testifies at tipped-wage hearing
Build labor rights into trade pact: Worker Institute’s Compa
School-to-adulthood initiative will include 2,000 teens
Sage-Gavin will lecture, mentor and advise in newly-created ILR role
Stern discusses roles of social media, resources
ILR conference casts floodlight on rise of U.S. capitalism
Alum shares advice on thriving in the workplace
Laurie and Martin Scheinman honored by Cornell
Aging hinders recreational activities for workers with disabilities: research
Blackstone Foundation funds program for veterans with disabilities
Bell edits journal prominent in applied psychology and management fields
ILR faculty, alums, students presenting on international, domestic issues
Scheinman researches how schools frame teacher rating appeal processes
Union history plays out in Kheel Center collection of clothing labels
Twenty High Road students will be part of inaugural Open Buffalo year
Labor encouraged to be proactive for patient care improvement
"American Capitalism: A History" course starts March 17
Impact of Affordable Care Act discussed at Labor and Employment Law event
In Staller Lecture, Krueger '83 will share White House lessons
Bruyère honored by rehabilitation psychology organization
Hiring people with disabilities would benefit industries in emerging economy: new report
Advocacy group donates archives to Kheel Center
"Daily Show," industry research, union work part of New York City experience
Workplace agreements spanning 100 years will be preserved
Scheinman Institute competing in dispute resolution webcasts
Prize winning business concepts from Cornell's eLab
Teacher Pay Disparities Analyzed by Cornell Labor Experts
Employment and Disability Institute supports research for $32.5 million project
Labor leaders to speak about experiences, opportunities in labor movement
Understanding experiences, best practices focus of research
Institute for Compensation Studies analysis part of state’s gender wage gap study
Voters with disabilities can face accessibility barriers at polls
Cornell students attribute case competition win to HR background, preparation
Worker Institute events include colloquiums, conferences
AFL-CIO convention encourages new strategies for growth
Historic labor convention draws four from Worker Institute
Class of 2013 graduates from NYS AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute

ILR Contacts

Communications Development

Joseph Zappala

Assistant Dean
Communications & Marketing


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Assistant Dean
ILR Alumni Affairs & Development