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Weill Cornell Medical College

Sanford I. Weill Retires as Chair of the Weill Cornell Board of Overseers After 20 Years of Transformative Leadership

Jessica M. Bibliowicz, Successful Business Executive, Named New Chair of the Board


Jessica M. Bibliowicz and Sanford I. Weill
Photo credit: John Abbott

After 20 years of bold and visionary leadership that has transformed Weill Cornell Medical College into a global healthcare enterprise, Sanford I. Weill will retire as chair of the Weill Cornell Board of Overseers on Jan. 1. Jessica M. Bibliowicz, a successful entrepreneur in the financial services business for nearly three decades, who has served on the Board of Overseers for the past decade, will succeed Mr. Weill, the new chair emeritus. | Full Text

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About Us

Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University’s medical school, located in New York City, is renowned for its excellence in teaching, research, and patient care locally, nationally, and globally. Physicians and scientists of the Medical College are engaged in cutting-edge research from lab bench-to-bedside, aimed at unlocking mysteries of the human body in health and sickness and developing new treatments and prevention strategies.

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Our Priorities

The $300 million Driving Discoveries, Changing Lives campaign, which began in September 2013, is dedicated to using the most advanced scientific approaches to rapidly translate research breakthroughs into innovative treatments and therapies for patients.

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Strategic Vision

Having successfully completed the Discoveries that Make a Difference campaign, Weill Cornell launched the Driving Discoveries, Changing Lives campaign in September 2013 to build upon the achievements made during the three past phases of Weill Cornell’s strategic plan. The new campaign will use the most advanced scientific approaches to rapidly translate research breakthroughs into innovative treatments and therapies for patients.

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News From Weill Cornell

Jessica M. Bibliowicz, successful business executive, named new chair of the board.
A $25 million gift from Gale and Ira Drukier creates the Drukier Institute for Children's Health at Weill Cornell Medical …
An analytic tool allows doctors to predict which patients will incur the highest future costs.
Researchers in pre-clinical studies have found a way to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.
Social media extolled for its power to amplify scientific messages at inaugural Social Media Summit.
Exercise is key to improving health outcomes for patients who suffer from cardiovascular disease and depression.
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar will integrate its premedical and medical programs into one cohesive program.
At least six military veterans and reservists are sharing their unique perspectives on medicine, commitment and service as …
Training nurses to recognize and manage depressive symptoms may benefit homebound elderly.
New research shows it is proteins that are affected by commonly used anesthesia.
Toddlers with autism show improvements after intensive intervention by parents.
Inappropriate, disruptive, or hostile behavior between nursing home residents is a sizable problem.
A new meditation program increases quality of life for breast cancer survivors from minority and underserved populations.
Changes occurring in blood vessels play a major role in Alzheimer's dementia, new research shows.
A special kit is designed to diffuse pediatric patients' anxiety about MRI exams by educating them about the procedure in …
Dr. Anthony Fauci '66 discusses the deadly Ebola outbreak and how to stop its spread during Weill Cornell's Global Health …
New research from Weill Cornell investigators shows how cigarette smoke results in cell death.
Weill Cornell faculty have been recognized with one of the highest honors in health and medicine.
Weill Cornell research reveals unexpected mechanisms underlying shaping of limbs in the womb.
Weill Cornell's Class of 2018 comprises 101 exceptional students.
Dr. Laurie H. Glimcher speaks with four students from the class of 2018 about the state of medicine, life at Weill Cornell …
Thanks to teamwork -- and a lot of free pens -- physicians and surgeons are treating pulmonary embolism faster and more …
Weill Cornell Medical College has launched a $50 million campaign to support and enhance medical education at the …
Two studies provide key insight into the biology of HIV.
Dr. Shahin Rafii's group receives an NIH award to support its "high risk-high reward" research.
A new tool can enhance patient care and surveillance in Ebola treatment centers in Western Africa.
Six Weill Cornell scientists have been selected as winners of the Daedalus Fund for Innovation.
Commentary: An antimicrobial oversight agency should tackle antibiotic resistance.
A new generation of trainee doctors donned the symbolic white coat for the first time during a ceremony at Weill Cornell …
A Weill Cornell physician's experimental toothpaste could make allergy treatment more convenient for patients.
Dr. Dilek Colak is a finalist in life sciences for the Blavatnik Regional Awards for Young Scientists from the New York …
Red blood cells perform a second vital function: angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels from those that already …
Significantly lower nighttime -- compared to daytime -- blood pressure predicts vision loss in glaucoma patients.
The diversification of what was once considered a singular disease defines a striking new approach to cancer research and …
Researchers have found inconsistencies in a low-cost drug used to prevent age-related macular degeneration prepared by …
Physicians develop their own patterns of using electronic health records, resulting in tremendous variability in the …
Dr. Barbara Hempstead, associate dean for faculty development and diversity and the O. Wayne Isom Professor of Medicine at …
New methods of processing massive amounts of information offer powerful weapons against threats ranging from cancer to …
First-year students gain early exposure to the surgical field by participating in operating room procedures.
Race and ethnicity dramatically influence patients' end-of-life preferences, which affect the likelihood they will …

The Driving Discoveries, Changing Lives Campaign

Weill Cornell has launched the Driving Discoveries, Changing Lives campaign, bringing to fruition the medical college’s vision for the Belfer Research Building as a hub for multidisciplinary biomedical research, and prioritizing the recruitment of the world’s best scientists to advance research and treatment of some of our greatest health challenges.

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External Affairs

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